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Top 100 Diwali Wishes For Whatsapp

Diwali Wishes: 

The most awaited festival in India is Diwali. Every one of us especially kids waits for Diwali as they love to burn crackers and also love to get new clothes on this day. Deepavali or Diwali is a Hindu festival which is celebrated because on this day Shri Rama came back to Ayodhya after getting victory over Ravana. This day is known for the success of good over evil.  This festival is also connected to Mata Lakmi. We all light candles and diyas all over the home. On the day of Diwali we pray to God Ganesha and goddess Lakhsmi to take care of us and shower wealth and health on us and our family.  On this day we also love to share Diwali wishes to our loved ones. After reading our Diwali wishes they will get to know that we love them, we care for them.

Best Diwali quotes, Deepavali Quotes, Deepawali Quotes

Diwali quotes: Diwali the day of happiness and day of lots of sparkling lights and high and low note sound crackers bursting here and there especially by mans and kids. Kids love to burn fuljhadi, chakri, anar and other small crackers. Males love to burst big series of crackers who burst for a long time and with lots of noise.  Diwali is also celebrated by sending Diwali quotes to our dear ones. For your help, I have crafted this post so that you can get hundreds of Diwali quotes to share it on social media like WhatsApp, facebook, google plus and so on. I am sure you will love these happy Diwali quotes.

Diwali Quotes

Top Diwali SMS - Deepavali SMS - Deepawali SMS

Diwali SMS: The day of Diwali and the beauty of Diwali fills our home with lots of happiness in our life. Before Diwali, we make preparations for Diwali. We color our house with amazing colors, we change curtains, sofa covers, use our news carpets, flowers, lighting series and so many other things. We do so many hard works so that on the day of Diwali Mata Lakshmi comes to our house and shower health and wealth on us and our family.  On this day we also send Diwali SMS to our friends and those people who are very close to us.  I have collected a big list of Diwali SMS for you to help you so that you can so many choices. 

Best Simple, latest, New Rangoli Designs

Rangoli designs imagesDiwali is the day when you can express your love and wishes to your favorite people. We pray to god to light and start a new chapter of happiness in their life. Deepavali is the day when we decorate our home to the fullest. On this day we spend a lot, we don’t even think of the budget.  We cross our budget many times.  Every year we change the color of our house, curtains, flowers and many other things.  We not only decorate our house, we decorate our offices.  We do this to bring good luck to us. We also make rangoli designs in front of our house. Rangoli colors add to the beauty of the house on the day of Diwali. For your help, I am here with lots of rangoli designs for you. I have all sort of rangoli designs like oval, dots, figures, flowers and many other ideas. You will be amazed to see these.

Rangoli designs images

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Best Diwali Images, Deepavali images, Deepawali images

Diwali Images : One of the most favorable Hindu festivals Diwali is the day of victory of good over bad. We all celebrate Diwali with lots of tasty sweets, firecrackers. We also exchanges gifts and sweets with our friends and family.  The day of lights, diwali looks faboulous in the night when lots of clay diyas lighten our house and courtyards. Diyas are lighten to encourage us to lighten the inner light within us which will vanish away the darkest of our life. This day is the 15 th day of Kartik. You can say that Diwali is the biggest and widely celebrated festival for Hindus. We want that your loved ones receive all your best wishes on this day, for this we made this post to bring awesome diwali gif, happy diwali gif, happy Deepavali gif, happy deepawali gif to your mobiles and pc. This will save your time to browse for hours to get the best one to share with your love and loves ones. In this post you will get a good list of Diwali Images, Deepavali images,  Deepawali images.

Diwali Images